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Don’t want to rent or buy? Don’t want to rent out, sell or re-sell your property; then LEASE. It allows you an exclusive ownership of the property for a fixed period of time.

Zaara Homes Real Estate Company brings you the most economical deals in leasing. If you are looking for a fixed period of functioning in Dubai and are a small business concern we help you to arrange the best deals in property leasing for your budget so you can divert your capital to making your business successful. If you are an Expat, or a visitor, a multinational company with branches in Dubai wanting to set up a guesthouse, restaurant or any workspace for your employees for a contract period then leasing is the best solution and you have approached the right people.

Zaara Homes will assist you with providing a full service leasing in multi-tenant buildings, where you can pay a single lumps for a wide range of supplementary service. This will include security, maintenance, and various utilities which you can share with other tenants.

We also ensure the property taxes, insurance, maintenance are paid beforehand or taken care off by the landlord timely if necessary and dependent on the agreement, the escalation of rent in times of renewal and rents; and provide you a possibility of percentage lease as well. We take care that we advice you and the landlord appropriately based on both your requirements.

Zaara Homes believes that when a business concern is looking for lease, it is also looking for a business partner. It is crucial that you find a good stake holder. Contact us, if you are looking to lease or for a Leasing Property In Dubai by filling this form and our consultants will get in touch with you soon.

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