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At Zaara Homes Real Estate Company, Dubai; we ensure you the easiest and safest resale experience. For a seller of property, he might be moving out, or upgrading, or simply have no utility for the property. For a buyer, he might want a safe and secure negotiation and the correct valuation of the re-sale space.

The procedures for re-sale vary from sales and rental. We at Zaara ensure and provide the right advice and take you through the process with convenience. Be it a Villa, Residential Property, Apartments, Flats, Commercial Properties; we help you find the best resale value for your property.

We understand the importance of a resale to happen correctly and therefore ensure that the legal documents are made in consensus and agreement with both parties and are verified. That both are aware of the status of the property valuations.

Most importantly, we ensure that the building or infrastructure has the correct building plan, and approved by the authorities. We take care that there are no pending dues and the tax papers are in place as well so your possession is smooth.

Zaara Homes understands that re-selling a property comes with the maintenance and utilization of the previous owners or renters. Therefore it is crucial that the property is inspected and repaired if needed and made ready for the new owners. We ensure you a good as new move-in; taking care of your requirements and a happy deal.

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